Men’s costume

Men’s clothes were generally sewn of homespun woollen cloth in shades of dark-blue, black or brown. Men wore an undershirt which was tucked into their breeches, generally knee-length, which had a fall-front or codpiece that buttoned to the waistband. The cuffs of the breeches were buttoned. The breeches were held up by braces (suspenders), generally tablet-woven, which were crossed front and back. Waistcoats (vests) were originally knitted, and in later times sewn of dark or coloured woollen cloth. These had a high neckline, and extended below the waist. The waistcoat was double-breasted, and could be buttoned either way. The neckline, armholes and plackets had woollen facings. A brjóstadúkur was a simpler form of waistcoat, buttoned at the left side and on the shoulder, and with an external pocket. The jacket was collarless, with curved sleeves and buttoned cuffs. The wide double-breasted front could be buttoned either way, with buttons of tin, pewter, bone or silver. Men wore a neckerchief and a striped knitted woollen cap with a short tassel. Their long knitted woollen socks were held up by garters below the knee. They wore simple home-made shoes of sheep leather or fishskin.


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